It’s private

There’s so much concern about threats to privacy; from the government, the media, the social networks. Yet people behave as if they don’t value privacy at all, or understand it. Everyone publishes his or her every little thought or act and many include photographs or videos as well. People dream of going viral, yet have nightmares about the NSA. I don’t get it, do you?


My friends

Cookies always care about how you feel. That’s why I spend so much time with them.


A horsiopath is someone whose life revolves around horses to the detriment of normal social interaction with others. Can be high functioning and able to socialize, but lacks insight and empathy. Because people don’t matter; horses do.

Sample post to manufacturer

I applied Vextra 4x to my dog and only days later he is still covered with fleas, and now has ticks, termites, army ants, scorpions, a small beehive, and a colony of evil fairies.  And also I think he’s dead or possibly just in a coma. Because he’s not moving but something is eating the dog food.

Should I wash it off?



The only thing we dare be judgmental about anymore is food, and we’re draconian about that. But TV for example? There’s better and worse, but to say it’s all crap? Nobody dares. However fundamentally it is crap, and it IS better to do than to watch. Reading by comparison IS doing. You are decoding, you are imagining because the images are not thrown in front of you. It’s assisted creating. TV is not. No matter how good.