Faith and Individual Sacrifice

A thoughtful and well-reasoned essay, worth reading more than once.

Scientific Politics

We live in a culture which tells us that, if we work hard enough, we can have what we want. Despite the mantra of “life isn’t fair” dogging the steps of every crying eight-year-old, we live by a fundamental belief that if we try hard, act rationally, and plan well, we will achieve what we want to achieve. The American Dream exemplifies this belief applied to individuals, but the underlying principle forms the basis of our entire society. We as a species have an incomprehensible number of achievements to our name, and most of us have some nebulous idea of “technology” as the summary of these achievements. The faith that this continuously-evolving technology can and will solve all of our problems is a religion more deeply ingrained into our collective subconscious than any theism.

This is an optimistic faith. It is a dangerous faith. It is unsustainable, and it is…

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