NYT article: Notable Absence of New Ebola Quarantines at New York Area Airports

Looks like there’s effectively no quarantine for Ebola. So I guess it’s not a problem, since it’s being treated with such cavalier disregard. If someone returns from Africa and starts infecting people here, then maybe it’ll be a problem. And that’s what it will take, because in this country we don’t take measures to prevent crises. We wait until crises occur and then attempt to deal with them. What happens when a a heroic health worker picks up a virulent and easily transmitted disease? We don’t quarantine heroes. And heroes, in their darling heroic way, feel they have the right to come home triumphantly and ignore the risks they may present to others rather than take minimal precautions. Surely three weeks of comfortable quarantine is a lot more tolerable than the conditions they dealt with in Africa.  These people are incomprehensible.  So noble away from home, so  selfish and arrogant on their return.  Since they know better than most what the risks are, you’d think they’d want to help their nation avoid them.  But no, they’re such fine noble beings, so superior to we who stayed at home, that they mustn’t be inconvenienced or disrespected.  Better to let them bring home epidemics! Maybe they want to.  Maybe they want the opportunity to continue their heroics in their own country by bringing the plague home with them.  I have no faith in our government’s capacity to respond at any level, now, seeing how inconsistent, ineffectual, and cowardly, and vacillating the response has been to Ebola.


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