Trigger Warnings

Maybe it would be safest to have blanket trigger warnings for all English, history, and psych courses. Come to think of it, how about a trigger warning in the catalogue to cover all liberal arts courses? For those too sensitive to bear the curriculum, there’s always engineering. However keep in mind that in engineering you have to get the right answers, not just show that you thought and felt deeply about the problems.

Here’s a little scenario:

Imagine the following discussion of the syllabus for a course on William Faulkner between a weary professor and an eager young student. Student: ” I’ve gone over the readings, and one of the novels has so many trigger warnings that I think it might be better if you went ahead and removed it from the reading list.” Professor: “Really? And which novel is that?” Student: “Sanctuary. Why just in the first few chapters my pencil would have broken from all the triggers I had to underline, except of course I did it all virtually on my e-reader. But still…” Professor: “”Hmm. So you want to take Sanctuary off the reading list? But what could I replace it with?” Student: “Well, I’m glad you asked. How about The Hunger Games?”