Rich-Poor Canyon

It looks more and more like most of us are going to have to live by licking the butts of the rich, who will generously let us consume whatever we find danglling there. Change will be very difficult to bring about since, simply, the very wealthy own the government and won’t permit legislation that genuinely threatens their hegonomy. The idea that municipalities and states daren’t raise taxes on the rich lest god forbid they flee (taking their balls and playing elsewhere) is soon going to make everywhere a tax haven. But, never fear, butt leavings of multibillionaires are very rich and it makes them feel good about themselves when they allow us to live on their shit.


Good movies as movies go, not too stupid. But while watching the searing image of the burning playground I thought how simple minded and exploitative. For just one reason: the bad guys are the machines, not us. Playgrounds burned in Hiroshima and it wasn’t the machines that did it. Do the movies but have the decency to spare us the nuclear playground