Nothing like spending way more than you should have on what you think is a great haircut, only to have people say nothing until you point out you’ve had your hair cut. One response: “it’s ok” “just ok???” “it’s fine if YOU like it.” Another response from someone who didn’t at first notice it was to suggest I go with her to her hairdresser sometime, who only charges half of what I’d paid. My exuberant great new haircut feeling did not survive these blows…


The reason social media sites are no substitute for letters is that in a letter you don’t usually keep a running total of how many times you picked your nose in a day or other trivialities absolutely nobody cares about, including the minutiae of your little daily thoughts. In a letter you learn to write what matters whether it’s information or real insights. That’s the opposite of what Twitter for example is training people to do. So even if people do “write” on social media, it’s in no way the equivalent of writing on paper.

I can’t even get a job at Trader Joe’s.

Lots of cover letters in my desktop folder.  Patent counsel, patent agent, patent legal assistant, document reviewer, secretary, library assistant, editor, proofreader.  Nice variety.  Never got a single interview with any of them.