Home Hints for the Lazy

Okay, lazy is judgemental. But it’s catchy and it’s good shorthand for what I mean which is reduction of effort. Also, why the judgement, anyway? Why is it a bad thing to fail to be bowled over by bloggers who milk the cows before spending the day spinning fresh sour cream and canning their own children (I fear this last may not be original with me. It’s good, isn’t it?). I say screw them with their own homemade screws that they mined, refined, cast, and cooled all before giving birth to dinner and blogging the night away. Let’s be proud and sane and not very boastful effort reducers.

Now then, cooking dinner is a big effort that can cast a pall over the earlier part of the day. Nice it is then, to convert one dinner to two. I made a tasty lentil salad last night. I admit there was a fair amount of effort involved because I had to wash and chop ingredients that I had purchased earlier in a wide-eyed state. Lentils had to be rinsed and boiled (20 minutes usually plenty). Coarsely chopped onion because that was last and I was tired and my eyes hurt. A little garlic so I could finish the shrivelling head. A surviving plum tomato from a previous incarnation – I keep the fridge very cold so few things change state rapidly. Those little cucumbers that were on sale, pain in the ass to peel them so I didn’t. Dark green skin must be nutritious, right? Good mommy. What else? Oh, yeah. The family member who hates brussels sprouts and spinach was away so I included those. Frozen sprouts. Easy. Fresh spinach in microwave bag. Also easy but I rinsed it after because I am insanely suspicious (though three minutes in the microwave should be an adequate kill step, right?). That was unnecessary effort and should be noted as such. So, a moment sufficed to make my own special salad dressing using a packet of Good Seasonings Italian and a lot more vinegar than the instructions recommend. Mixing different vinegars is fun, like wine, balsamic, and cider. Especially if it helps finish a bottle. I use olive oil. (Not EVO, which sounds like a washed up band or a sexually transmissible condition).

We ate, we enjoyed, we watched a K-drama while so doing. And we had some left despite my efforts. The next day the family member who does not appreciate most of the ingredients in the lentil salad, returned to her home. Suppressing my guilt at not making her a festive return dinner that she might actually like, I added ingredients to the leftover salad in order to stretch it out and maybe get stuff in that she could pick at. Half a box of macaroni went in, enabling me to get rid of said half box. And a block of feta cheese. I had cucumbers left because I got fed up with chopping them the previous night. Newly energized by my idea of recycled dinner, I added these too. And, in order to make the whole more palatable, a lot more salad dressing. And so, we eat.

I am not attaching any photos. For one thing, I am writing for those who prefer words to pictures. For another, the lentil cum macaroni salad isn’t a pretty object. But dinner has been achieved! And it didn’t cost me much effort…

Hey, did I just write a food blog?