waxing ruminants

Query: Why am I doing this?

Unbearable things: car decals and placards with unwanted information about the occupants.

Baby on Board?  Oh, okay.  In that case I’ll just go rear end someone else.  Oh, I know, how about … STICK FIGURE FAMILY?  Here goes: @#$$&#()@(*#)*%_)&#)#&)@#(!   The crumpled car door creaks open, and a pile of broken sticks falls to the ground.  Yay!

Our peasant forbears knew better than to boast about things so important as family.  They knew that arrogantly broadcasting to the world the size and nature of your family would inevitably draw the evil eye.  What about Niobe, whose fourteen children were killed by vengeful gods as punishment for her intemperate boasting?  Think she had chariot decals?

You know I think I will get a car decal after all.   An EVIL EYE!

It’s all we do anymore, boast and broadcast.  There’s nothing modest about blogging.  It assumes an at least minimal interest of the outside world in your life, thought processes, purchasing decisions.  And in many cases minutiae of your existence that  your own mother doesn’t care about.

It pervades our society.  For each and every one of us, it’s all about the me. Why do we want to focus so many eyes on ourselves?  Is this the only way to make our existence real these days, by demanding loud and continual virtual attention? Whisht.

Let’s all get a life. But how and more importantly where?  In the real world?  What is that anymore when more and more of us spend large amounts of time, effort, and heart in a virtual one?  Il faut cultiver notre jardin.  However, afterwards, il faut blog about the experience.

Well, I’m really sleepy cause of the busy day I had yesterday with my earwax problem and I really have to go to the bathroom right now, and will let you know how it goes, so signing off.